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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mar 19 2017

For March Break I went to leadership camp, it was boring. First, on Monday, we told a bit about ourselves and what talked about what are the good traits of a leader. Then at around 11:30 we had a snack which then turned into lunch. After lunch, we watched a movie called October sky. After the movie, we talked about how the main character was a leader. After that, we just played games and at 4:00 I walked home.

On Tuesday we did the same things as we did on Monday except that we watched Rudy and we played different games.

On Wednesday we did surveys to learn more about ourselves. There was a lot of questions and the results you get aren't exact.  After we had a snack in which again turned into lunch. After lunch, we watched The Incredibles. Then, as usual, we played more games.

On Thursday we started talking about how different people looked at things differently from other people in which then morphed into asking each other riddles. After we had a snack we continued to talk about riddles. After lunch, we watched another movie called Firehouse Dog. Instead of playing games after we talked about riddles and for homework we had to find 2 riddles on the internet.

On Friday, we did riddles all day. The movie we watched was Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix, when we went home we got candy.
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec 21 2015

Today I just stayed home because my parents were at work. First we watched TV for about 30 min until we realized it was boring. Next we played piano and did some math after. I played the piano for about 30-45 min. Then I went upstairs to do some math on the computer. Then after that I did nothing for the rest of the hour. After a while we had lunch, my dad came home and ate with us. After lunch, I played Monopoly with my sister. After an hour I called my dad if I could call Aiden and he said yes. Aiden wasn't home so kept on doing nothing. My sister decided to fall asleep and fell asleep for a hour. Then she got up and we watched TV again. Finally my dad and mom came home and we all had dinner. Image result for monopoly world edition

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sept 11 2015

Image result for go beyond academyToday I went to Go Beyond Academy to learn piano, math, Chinese, and language.

I arrived at Go Beyond at 3:00. I did my French homework there and played piano for the first part. Then me and my friend Aiden read a book together. I forgot the name of the book that we were reading.Then we had math and  Chinese. I did about 2 pages of math front and back in 20 minutes.( Not to brag.) Then I went to do some language. We had a sheet that has a story beginning and we had to fill in the end. I made my story very very funny. The after all that I had to go home. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mar 22 2015

Today I went to badminton. Only me and my dad went. We arrived at 8:32. My dad and I came early. We used court 8 and stretched for a while. My dad is better than me so I had to run and pick up the ball many times. After a while my teacher came so I did even more stretches and our teacher made us do our forehand serves. I was the only one that can shoot it in the box at the end of the court. After doing tons of serves we worked on our clears. Again, I was the only that could shoot it at the end of the court. Our teacher threw us the shuttlecock and we had to hit it. My friend Ethan shot 10 hits and 10 misses. I shot 19 hits and 1 miss. Finally we had a game and my team was Ethan and me was on the same team. We beat the teacher and a girl 8 to 5. Finally I had to go to eat lunch so my dad and I went to McDonalds for breakfast/lunch. We bought 2 two can dines but the woman only gave us 3 hahbrowns. We brought it home to eat with the rest of our family.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 2015

Yesterday I went to my friend's house with Cody and Andy. I was the first boy that was in the house the Cody showed up then Andy. A girl brought a X Box to their house to play. We were first playing Connect Adventurers. We were next playing Cars 2. First the boys were playing Cars 2 on the X Box. After lunch the girls were playing Just Dance 3. While the girls were playing Just Dance 3 we were playing the I pads. After a while my mom told us to stop playing. So we played a board game called The Game Of Life. I was the wealthiest player with a  total of $2300. Then we went back downstairs to get the X Box. We kept on playing Cars 2. Until it was time to go home.
Here is how The Game Of Life looks like:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jan 3 2014

A couple of days ago I went to Montreal.
I told you about the first day now I will tell you about the second day.
I went to eat breakfast at the inn at 7:30. There was a buffet. There was many things that my mom could not make in the buffet. After that I forgot what did. Then I went to the room where the church was taking place. we learned about the book with no words. After a while someone brought pizza and we all went to our rooms to eat the pizza. Next I think we got on the tour bus so we can explore some places.  We ate dinner at another buffet place. We will eat there every day.
When we went back in our hotel, my mom and dad went to do some more church stuff whil me and my sister watched television. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec 29 2014

Yesterday, I came back from Montreal.
We had breakfast at our hotel called the Holiday Inn. The breakfast was a buffet. We had to get ready so we can get to the bus on time.the bus left at around 8:30 so we had to get up early. When the bus left I knew the whole thing was a 6 hour drive so I tried. When we finally reached Ottawa we got off the bus so we can get a good look at the place in 30 minutes.
Next,we went to have lunch. The lunch was also a buffet.
Then, we went to much more places before we went to the Big Apple.The Big Apple was so boring.
Finally, at 7:30 we went home.
Here is where we got gas: